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Walmart Associate Call In Number

Walmart Associate ‘Call-In’ and Hotline Numbers.

Walmart associates and employees have a variety of phone numbers to chose from, if they have a problem or if they want to call in sick or report a tardy.

The Walmart Associate Hotline.

The Walmart ‘Call In Sick’ Number is: 1-800-775-5944 or 1-844-292-4796.

This Hot-Line is used by associates to report:

  • an absence
  • a tardy

When phoning the call-in number, you will need to enter the last four digits of your social security number. Then, enter the month, day, and year of your birthday, as well as your store number.

A confirmation number will be issued, and you will be transferred to your store, and then your manager. You can also log in to the WalmartOne.com portal and report your tardy or absence from online.

The Walmart Ethics Hotline.

Walmart Ethics Phone Number is: 1-800-WM-ETHIC.

The Walmart Ethics phone number is used by associates and customers, who wish to report a ethical issue or problem anonymously. You can also fill out a report at www.walmartethics.com/ReportAConcern..aspx or send an email to ethics@wal-mart.com.

Walmart Associates Phone Number & Customer Service.

The Walmart Customer Service number is: 1-800-WALMART or 1-800-925-6278.

This number is the primary customer support and associates help line. Press 3 to get through to the hot line for current and former Walmart employees.

WalmartOne Phone Number.

If you are having problems with signing in to the WalmartOne Associate Website, you can call the WalmartOne support department on: 1-800-530-9929 and press 2,2.

Walmart Associate Discounts.

If you are shopping at Walmart.com and want to apply your employee discount, you can do so here.

Enter your Associate ID and Associate Card number to proceed.

Walmart Attendance Policy.

As a New Employee, you can have up to 4 occurrences/’tardies’ (3 is the maximum), before you can be terminated/fired in a rolling six month period. But this is only if you finish your Pathways within those first six months.

If you do not complete your Pathways in the first six months, then your allowance of occurrences will stay at up to 4 until you finish your Pathways.

Whn you have finished your Pathways and stayed at Walmart for 6 months, you can have up to 9 occurrences in a rolling six month period.

A ‘rolling six month period’ means simply that when you get an occurrence, then that 1 occurrence will drop off six months later.

Share your experiences.

Please share your experiences, or questions about, the Walmart ‘Call-In’, in the comment section.

Walmart Associate Call In Number
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  1. Hi, how do I report that I am sick through the associate portal?

    1. I just used the wallmartone.com to report a sick day. Click the WORK tab below your profile information, select third block (top right) “Report an Absence”, the system then auto fills your WIN #, name, and store. You then select from 3 drop down options, tardy/absent, today/tomorrow, and then the reason. No calls, no waiting on hold, it gives you a conformation number and informs your stores management for you. Pretty easy, though a little tricky to find.

      1. Thank You!!!
        I truly appreciate your help

  2. Unfair labor at store 2230, Automotive Care Center. I quit do to the unfairness

  3. Its been about 2 weeks that I’ve missed work I’m pretty sure I’ve exceeded the number of points I can have. My only excuse is life so much has happened I’ve been in the hospital and so much more since I been out I’ve been dreading going back thinking I want get a second chance. I need this job I really do, I almost gave up because I knew I wouldn’t have anything

  4. need a copy of my w2. W2express not allowing me access. I requested at last club worked but I am not in their system. I just returned from overseas.

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